RPS Covid-19 Staying Safe Policy Keeping our staff and clients safe

Following the government’s recent announcement regarding opening the property market back up, we wanted to share with you some more information on what we at RPS will be implementing going forward.

The government have advised that as of today home moves, property viewings and valuations can recommence. Whilst we are pleased to resume business we are extremely conscious of the health and well being for our clients, customers and colleagues. Therefore we would like to advise on what precautions and procedures we at RPS have put in place to reduce the risk for you and your family. The health and safety of our clients and staff is paramount and supersedes our need to make money as a business. As such we have conducted various risk assessments for the below scenarios.

We appreciate that you may not want people in your home just yet, which is understandable, or you may have other concerns and so we would ask that if this is the case you drop us an email or call on 02392 550555. We can talk any concerns through with you and add your requests on to our files.

Our office will re-open Monday 18th May between 9:30am and 5:30pm Mon-Fri and 10am til 4pm saturday. However, please note that the door will be locked and office visits will be via appointment only. We ask that you continue to communicate with us via email and telephone wherever possible so that we can keep you and your loved ones safe.  

Viewing Procedure


  • Any homeowners having Covid-19 symptoms or the virus itself must inform RPS.
  • Home owners & pets (Cats and Dogs) can not be present for the viewing and will need to vacate the property 10 mins prior to the viewing commencing.
  • All internal doors are to be left open prior to viewings so that any surface contact is kept to a minimum.
  • We would advise that you disinfect doorhandles, kitchen surfaces and any other touch surfaces like banisters prior to and after viewings.
  • All homeowners, Landlords, Viewers will also need to agree to the RPS Staying Safe Policy & the RPS Coronavirus (Covid-19) Health Assessment Form, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THIS

Viewers/Arranging Viewings

  • All viewings will be at that discretion of RPS and ultimately the Seller/Landlord. Please be aware that we may, at any point, cancel viewings for whatever reason/s we feel necessary. 
  • If a virtual viewing video is available for the property, this must be viewed first BEFORE arranging a viewing.
  • Any viewers having Covid-19 symptoms or the virus itself must inform RPS and cannot attend a viewing.
  • A maximum 2 people to view the property – Children are not allowed to attend.
  • Upon arrival the agent will unlock the front door.
  • The viewers will remain 2 meters away until the agent indicates it is safe to enter.
  • PPE- specifically gloves and a protective face mask must be worn by the viewer(s) at all times. Please note this will NOT be provided by the agent or seller.
  • Viewing time within the property should be kept to a minimum and so we would advise that 20 minutes is sufficient.
  • Viewers are not to touch any door handles or surfaces and will not be allowed to use any toilet facilities at the property.
  • Viewers must remain 2 meters away from the agent at all times.
  • Viewers will be required need to agree to the RPS Staying Safe Policy & the RPS Coronavirus (Covid-19) Health Assessment Form, PLEASE CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THIS prior to arranging a viewing. 

Estate agent

  • Will arrive for the viewing in PPE specifically gloves and mask.
  • The agent will also wash their hands between any appointments and throughout the day at the office.
  • The agent will not use toilet facilites at the property.
  • The agent will be in the property during the viewing but will remain at least two metres apart.

*Please note that these procedures must be strictly followed and viewings will be cancelled if not adhered to – This is to to keep people safe and to follow government guidelines.

Valuation & Market Appraisal Procedure

  • Completed in the same way as a prospective buyer with the seller taking the role of the agent.
  • Wherever possible the number of people in the property should be kept to a minimum and children/pets removed.
  • If they cannot vacate then they should group together in a seperate room or the garden. The agent should be made aware of this prior to attendance.
  • We can present our market appraisal via Zoom, email, letter or telephone after our visit. We will always follow up with a letter out of courtesy.

Instructions to Market Procedure

  • Attendance to the property for floor plans and photos will be completed in the same way as the valuation, however there may be a need for doors to be opened/closed for photos. If this is the case the photographer will ask that the handles are cleaned prior to and after use. There may also be a need for furniture to be repositioned to allow for a better photo to be taken, again the photographer will advise.
  • All verbal communication can take place after the visit by telephone, Zoom or email.
  • All completion of documentation will be done electronically by docusign or post.

Office Procedure for Visitors

  • Visitors must not attend the office if they are suffering from symptoms of Covid-19 or the virus itself.
  • To prevent walk-ins and the safety of the team the main door will be kept locked.
  • Any visits by clients/members of the public will be by appointment only.
  • Any visitors will remain in the outlined/taped section to respect social distancing.
  • Visitors will use hand sanitiser provided upon entering.
  • Visitors must wear appropriate PPE, specifically face masks.
  • Wherever possible contact should be via telephone and email.
  • Visitors will not be able to use the toilet facilities.

We would like to thank you for your coorporation during these unusual times and would once again like to reassure all clients that health is our top priority and although we are slowly implementing viewings and valuations, we will not hesitate to halt these should will feel that anyone’s health is at risk.

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