Daedalus Development in Lee on the solent – Update 22 Feb 2016

Daedalus Development in Lee on the solent – Update

22 Feb 2016

I was asked recently to comment on ITV Merdian news, regarding the two hundred plus, affordable homes that are planned to be built on the Daedalus Development in Lee on the Solent. To be honest, along with the local residents, I didn’t know a hell of  lot about who was building them and when they would be built. However, it prompted me to do some digging and get prepared for the interview!

Daedalus Overview

The Government’s policy will see 200 plus affordable homes allocated to the site. This will form part of the wider development plans for the whole of Daedalus, with the majority being to the waterfront side of the site. This will form part of a larger, nationwide policy to build affordable homes using public land.

The opportunity to build these homes will more than likely be given to smaller developers where planning permission has already been granted. Councilor Mark Hook has commented in the press, welcoming the news as they were already part of the areas Local Plan. Five hundred homes are part of the plan in total, some of which have already been built and just over two hundred and fifty have already gained planning permission.

Local residents have raised concerns, not only to the council but even to myself and the staff here in the RPS office about the additional traffic this will create on the local roads. However, after speaking to another local Councillor recently, I believe the infrastructure will be reinforced and changed to accommodate this, we will soon see!

My personal view on this is that more homes are definitely needed in the area and across the country to satisfy buyer demand. Also, the job creation side of the Daedalus site is important and the plans include plenty of this. However, I agree with the local residents regarding the local infrastructure – perhaps these questions can be answered in more detail over the coming months.

Daedalus aerial-shot

In the meantime, all subscribers of this blog will be kept up to date with the new homes and other developments on the site as soon as I hear more. Please ensure you pop your email in the box on the right hand side!

Here’s a handy link to the Solent Enterprise Zone website for more info on the development areas:




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