Unlock the potential of your land 4 Jan 2017

Unlock the potential of your land

4 Jan 2017

2016 saw a busy period for building new homes and 2017 does not seem to be slowing with planning applications being submitted for many new schemes at the tail end of last year. In the area around Lee on the Solent, many new homes were completed for private sale with construction underway for more over the coming months. We are pleased to say we are involved in a scheme of seven properties with details to be announced over the coming weeks.

Opportunities to find land for new development are limited and tend to be small infill site or building merchants, meaning the number of new homes in any one development is a small quantity. However, this is not an issue for our buyers.

We have had an increase in the number of potential development sites that we have been asked to assist with over the past year, which range from back build sites, which are mainly small pieces of land adjoined to another dwelling to larger plots of land.

Do you have land? Have you ever considered its value, or perhaps you would like to make tentative enquiries as to the opportunities it could unlock? ­Our Land and New Homes team is well placed to help steer you through the process of selling land. We can mediate the best outcome for all concerned. Click here for more details on our free land valuing and selling service.

Please contact Mark Rowe on: 02392 550 555. All discussions will also be treated with the utmost confidentiality.

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