Top Five Features For A Bright Home! 8 Nov 2016

Top Five Features For A Bright Home!

8 Nov 2016

We’ve put together a list of five ways for a bright home!

Increasing the amount of natural light in a room can make all the difference to the feel of a property – especially when trying to sell your home in the winter months. Here are some features you can add to help improve natural light and increase the chances of securing a buyer:


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Skylights are a great way to brighten up spaces. With the addition of some décor this will add to the bright feel of a room, presenting a fresh, modern impression.

Skylights don’t have to be flat and boring, this one pictured is raised above the roof line and extends the feeling of space when you’re standing near it, capturing the light from all angles and concentrating it into the room.




Creating a good sense of space is important, mirrors can help achieve this when positioned correctly to reflect interiors, but they can also serve as a great tool for brightening a room, by reflecting light back.

Double-height windows 

Yes, I agree, this isn’t a cheap option. However, if you do have the means to install double height windows in darker rooms then this is ultimately one of the best ways you can gain additional light. They’re also a very modern feature and popular among buyers.

Conservatory-style extension 

Once again, not a cheap option but If skylights don’t provide quite enough light in your property, then it may be worth looking at a complete glass roof. Rear extensions designed in a conservatory style are ideal for making the most of the natural light.

Interior décor 

This is the most common and fairly obvious solution to create more light in a home without spending thousands. Feature walls are very popular at the moment, and they look great, but be aware that using darker colours can still close in a room. It’s always advisable to stick with whites or pale colours to enhance the feeling of light in a property.

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Article written by M.Director – Mark Rowe for The Big Voice Directories December edition

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