Selling A House Is Easy, Right? 19 Apr 2017

Selling A House Is Easy, Right?

19 Apr 2017

You wouldn’t believe the amount of times, in my seventeen years of selling homes, how many people have said to me ‘it’s easy selling a house, isn’t it!?’ and not once have I disagreed. However, I have taken the time to explain how difficult and stressful the process can be after an offer has been agreed and solicitors are instructed. The facts are that only a very small percentage of sales go through without a single hiccup and moving home is rated within the top three most stressful things you’ll ever experience.

For years, you haMark Rowe - RPS Estate & Letting Agentsve been sold to by estate agents, about how quickly they can sell your home and how they can ease the pressure of dealing with the sale of what is likely to be your biggest asset with ease, it’ll be completely stress free and at the same time, they’ll also get you the very best price! No wonder most the UK population feel as though it’s as easy as placing your property on the internet and waiting for the offers to roll in.

During the months that proceed an agreed sale, communication from an expert who knows the process is vital. This is the point in which any agent worth their salt earns their fee. Yes, there are other associated marketing costs to finding a buyer, but the real value is in the property experts that help to give you peace of mind because they’ve explained a situation within a chain of sales that makes things clearer for you, the client.

Having a property expert on your side can guard your sale, they have a vested interested in seeing it right through to completion. Someone who also knows what to say and when to say it, how to keep a chain together, when to push a solicitor, who to speak to when a surveyor uses wording in their report that sounds like someone with only a University degree can understand – this scares the hell out of buyers, when in fact half the time it’s the surveyor just covering his or her own Professional Indemnity Insurance premiums! It’s extremely valuable having someone who knows when your buyer may be going off the boil, so instantly starts warming up other buyers in readiness, thus reducing the disappointment of having to re-market your home. I could go on, this is only a tiny amount of what an experienced property expert will provide.

Chasing the sale is the non-sexy part of moving home that agents would rather not highlight. The secret is to confront this part of the process head on, use transparency and tact, coupled with experience to ensure it truly does run as smoothly as possible, that’s the true value of an experienced property expert.

As always, myself and the rest of the RPS team love talking property, feel free to call or pop in to our office in the High Street. 02392 550555.

Article written by Mark Rowe. Featured in the Lee on the Solent and Stubbington Big Voice Magazines, May Edition.

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