Can Facebook Sell Or Let Your Property? 23 Sep 2016

Can Facebook Sell Or Let Your Property?

23 Sep 2016

It may be an obvious statement to make to some, but recently I was chatting with a seller who said ‘Your RPS Facebook page gets a huge amount of interaction, do you think it helps to sell or let property?’

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world, the majority of people are on it, in fact I believe the total users is now in excess of 1.71 billion and 1.13 billion log in every day!

Most businesses, given the opportunity, would love to reach as many people as possible with their marketing efforts and what’s even more important is being able to target specific customers without wasting money on a blanket drop approach. Facebook allows this by allowing businesses to drill down on specific demographics with each post.

We target regularly with the RPS Facebook page and are able to pin point the right age group for a certain property, and then specify the locations in which we want to promote the property in. We can even pick up on certain keywords that people are using within Facebook! This is really handy considering the majority of buyers and tenants are within a five-mile radius of the property being sold or let. A recent property we posted over just a 24-hour period reached an audience of over 5,000 people! So it’s also a great way of reaching high numbers of people within a short space of time.

It’s important to remember that we now live in a world where information is everywhere and it’s fast paced, so whatever product or service is being promoted it needs to be visually attractive, short and to the point. When it comes to property this means high quality imagery and snapshot descriptions that give buyers and tenants property features that relate to them and entice them to book a viewing.

Facebook has its place and we’ve proved this, however, it’s not a complete solution. It simply forms one part of the wider marketing efforts that an estate agent should be utilising. It assists in gaining the initial enquiry, from that point onwards it’s the agents job as the property expert to take this through a to a successful sale or let.

As always, I’m happy to chat about property, please let me know if you have any property related questions by contacting me on 02392 550555 or

Article Published in the October Edition of the Big Voice Magazine.

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